Dr. Amanda King-Greenidge

Dr. Amanda King-Greenidge

Dr. Amanda King-Greenidge  (2019)

Consultant Internist and Rheumatologist. She was Founding President of The St. Lucia Arthritis and Lupus Association (SLALA) in 1997 and was instrumental in introducing Stanford’s Arthritis self management program to St. Lucia in 2002 as an empowerment program. She cross-trained in 2005 to provide the Chronic disease self-management program so that all St. Lucians would benefit. This program is known as “Viv byen”, Kweyol for”live well”. Dr. King is an active volunteer leader. She is the Founding President of the Caribbean Association for Rheumatology (CAR) which took root in 2007 but was officially incorporated in 2014. In 2011 she received the award for most outstanding physician from The St. Lucia Medical and Dental Association. In 2017 she was awarded the St. Lucia Medal of Merit (Gold), a national award for her contribution to Medicine. Dr. King is The Caribbean Chapter leader for The Association of Women in Rheumatology (AWIR) and is a Fellow of CAR.

Our Board of Directors 2021-2023


Previous Executive

President - Dr. Amanda King
Vice President - Dr. Cindy Flower
Treasurer - Dr. Lynda Tilluckdharry
Secretary - Dr. Sharon Dowell

Other directors were 

Dr. Nicole Johnson, Dr. / Prof. Eon Nigel Harris and Dr. Vincent Nwosa

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