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Join us in Jamaica for an unforgettable journey into the future of rheumatology in the Caribbean. We are excited for another CAR conference and hope to see you May 2 - 4, 2024.

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Caribbean Association for Rheumatology

The Caribbean Association for Rheumatology is committed to improving the care of patients with rheumatic diseases in the Caribbean. It is a professional organization with the primary goal of uniting rheumatologists and allied health professionals in the advancement of rheumatology through collaborative research, education and advocacy at local and regional levels. Rheumatic disease, the most commonly osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, are a major cause of disability and have a significant impact on individuals during the most productive years of their lives.

We host an annual scientific meeting where members share research and innovative ideas, educate each other, and collaborate on ways to deliver state of the art care across all Caribbean territories. Additionally, during this event, we conduct a workshop aimed at educating general practitioners and other health professionals on rheumatic diseases. This promotes our health and wellness agenda in a more holistic way on a national level and is aimed at raising awareness, enabling early diagnosis and shared care for people with rheumatic disease according to International guidelines.

Our Board of Directors 2021-2024


Previous Executive

President - Dr. Amanda King
Vice President - Dr. Cindy Flower
Treasurer - Dr. Lynda Tilluckdharry
Secretary - Dr. Sharon Dowell

Other directors were 

Dr. Nicole Johnson, Dr. / Prof. Eon Nigel Harris and Dr. Vincent Nwosa

Caribbean Association for Rheumatology
Bay Medical Centre
P.O. Box GM712
Castries | Saint Lucia

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